williams chimney caught fire

williams chimney caught fire

my dog foxy no longer chases forest shrews

hanna gets lazy, molly moves on

merdle just goes on working

mr. rain sells the bulldozer

dr.huff retires

lance fly fishes full-time

the potatoes flood across the lake

marline looses her mind completely

beavers clog the outlet again

someone finds marijuana on the island

the government declares the swamp protected

(mr. rittens old vegetable garden)

jack elliots pony escaped

(got trapped on the front porch)

lyles boat got stolen

rainbow air went out of business

paulas dogs keep on barking

(a falcon ate her goose)

our rabbit went blind

tillies hind legs begin to fail

new regulations shut down the slaughter house

the riding ring is over grown

hot water bill bought some hogs

brent bought an old leaky boat

the cabin on the point has carpenter ants

sheila and mick are feuding over the driveway

dick zuiderzee has got alzheimers

the longs dock was lost in a storm

williams chimney caught fire

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